MediaComm ensures you are fully staffed at any time. A graphic designer will be at your door within 24 hours to cover illness, maternity leave or heavy workloads.

  • TEAM

    A diverse team of more than 60 experienced graphic designers is at your service, giving you access to a wide range of skills, expertise and creativity.


    Our employees are all-rounders in graphic design for both print and web, from DTP tasks and the layout of brochures to web design and digital animations. 


    MediaComm are no traditional graphic design agency, but rather a graphic design intervention team. Our designers work on site at your office – throughout Flanders and Brussels.

Graphic design intervention team

What makes MediaComm stand out from a graphic design agency or a freelance designer? And what's in it for you? Read all about the added value of a graphic design intervention team.

Meet our designers

A team of more than 60 graphic designers. That means a whole host of skills and personalities. And therefore a great match with your project is guaranteed. See the MediaComm designers here or glance through their combined expertise.

Satisfied clients

MediaComm is active in both small and large companies in a whole host of sectors, spread throughout Flanders and Brussels. You will find our graphic designers on site at these satisfied clients, and many more besides.