Graphic intervention team

MediaComm gives you access to a pool of 60 diverse graphic designers. Each and every one are full-time employees who offer you the flexibility of a freelance graphic artist, layout specialist or cross-media designer.

A perfect fit for your organisation

Technical expertise is not the only condition for a successful partnership – making sure consultants fit your company culture is just as important. That's why we take our designers’ soft skills as well as your expectations into account.
Do you find it important that your graphic designer asks for feedback, for instance? Is it essential that they work quickly? Or are you looking for someone who dares to go against the grain during meetings?  The designers suggested by us meet all of your requirements and more. In addition, we also bear your company's location in mind and choose a designer who lives in your area, offering you even more flexibility and a lower carbon footprint.

Interim graphic designers

MediaComm designers support your organisation on a temporary or permanent basis – in all sorts of ways. You can bring them in for projects lasting from one day to several months, part-time or full-time. Or you can call on them each year during a busy period in your sector. What’s more, you can request another graphic designer at any time, for instance if a project changes such that it requires a different skill set. Get to know the team as quickly as possible.

Graphic design consultants for web and print

If you would like to meet our graphic designers, take a look at the photos here, handily gathered all in one place for you. In reality, they live and work throughout Flanders and Brussels. All MediaComm designers are all-rounders in print and/or web. In addition, each designer has their own strengths and specialist areas. If you’re looking for rare printing expertise, advanced website skills or creative brains for design work, we can send the ideal graphic designer to your door. Read more about our combined expertise.